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enna-icon-1Enna: Hey everyone, I’m Enna! I’m the herd queen and the eldest! At five years old, I’m a fantastic milker and a lover of people. I always make sure I’m leading the herd in the right direction!
echo-profile-1Echo: Hi Everybody, I’m Echo. I’m a mama to three adorable daughters, Vicky, Maggie, and Rosy. I’m four years old and a great milker. My people love me because I’m gentle and patient with everybody, including little tykes!
ruby-icon-1Ruby: What’s up? I’m Ruby! I’m a mama now, so I get milked everyday. I love trying to take over the role of herd queen when Enna isn’t looking, but she is always sure to let me know that I’m out of line!
vicky-profile-1Vicky: Hey guys, I’m Vicky! I’m Echo’s first daughter, and a really gentle girl. I love people! At 1 year old, I’m still a bit playful at times and enjoy goofing off with my sister, Maggie. I love sitting in the fields with my people, and enjoy lots of pets!

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