All Natural – No Artificial Anything!

For a pure and natural handmade soap with all the goodness of goat milk, you’ll love Vermont Goat Milk Soap. We offer 4oz and 2oz bars in 4 varieties: Eucalyptus Lemongrass, Orange Lavender, Spearmint Eucalyptus, and Plain & Pure.


WE BELIEVE THAT INGREDIENTS MATTER. We make our soaps by hand on our small dairy farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. To make the best soaps possible, we use only simple pure ingredients, like fresh goat milk from our own farm, expeller-pressed oils, and therapeutic grade pure essential oils. Our goats graze on land that is pesticide-free and they eat Organic grain, so their milk is of the highest quality.

We NEVER use fragrance oils, hydrogenated oils, colorants, or oils from unsustainable sources, like palm oil. We use ethically-sourced high-quality oils like:

  • extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil
  • naturally refined shea butter
  • expeller-pressed food grade coconut oil
  • expeller-pressed castor oil
  • pure essential oils

Our bars are made in small batches and hand poured to ensure the best quality.


WE BELIEVE IN RESPONSIBLE PACKAGING. To preserve the freshness and quality of our handmade soaps, each one is individually wrapped using Biolefin (TM), a biodegradable, food-grade, acid-free, eco-friendly shrink wrap. This wrap is compostable.


OUR SOAP SCENTS: Pure essential oils create the amazing scents of our goat milk soaps.

  • Orange Lavender – made with a combination of Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil with a hint of Cedarwood Essential Oil, this soap has a pleasing, gentle scent.
  • Eucalyptus Lemongrass – this soap combines the strong aromatic scents of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil. A great choice for gardeners, as Eucalyptus and Lemongrass oils are both often used to repel mosquitoes.
  • Plain & Pure – this fragrance-free soap is the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to scent. It contains only our purest, most simple ingredients – olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, and fresh goat milk. Nothing added – smells like soap!
  • Spearmint Eucalyptus – The fresh minty scent of Spearmint Essential Oil blends with the warm vibrant notes of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to create a fresh, uplifting strong-scented soap.